Product Care

Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. As 100% silver is too soft to create jewelry with, copper is added to make it more robust. The other alloy is the reason why Sterling Silver tarnishes. All of our pieces are stamped with “925”.

Sterling silver will oxidize when exposed to:

  • Pollution and high humidity
  • Exposed to sweat
  • Exposed to chemicals often found in deodorant, lotions, perfumes and other similar substances.

How To Care For Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Always remove jewelry before exercising, washing hands or showering
  • Always apply perfumes and lotions before putting on your jewelry

How To Store Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Tip 1:  Use anti tarnish bags

Tip 2:  Store them away from sunlight and wood (do not put it on a stained side table as the chemicals from the stain can tarnish the silver)

Tip 3: After using your sterling silver jewelry, put it away. store them immediately, and do not let them lay anywhere to prevent exposure to humidity. Do not wear your jewelry pieces while in the shower or when swimming, too. Exposing your sterling silver to moisture, humidity, and chlorine will increase the risk of tarnishing.

To clean tarnished sterling silver jewelry, polish gently with a silver cloth.