Push Presents & Why Give One

A “Push Present” is a new-aged concept and has been popularized by a new generation. The action of giving a new mother jewelry after she gives birth only started around 20 years ago; however, now many cultures find this tradition important and symbolic. Often a push present comes in the form of personalized jewelry.

At M&D we love the idea of celebrating new life with generational jewelry made to last a lifetime. The day of becoming new parents for the first time is unforgettable – and to commemorate this day, we want our M&D mothers to be able to wear this moment proudly.

When to gift after the birth?

So now you are wondering when it is the perfect time to give the M&D bracelet to your partner. Even if you are excited after the birth of your child, right at the birth may not be the best time to give your partner this present. Your partner will need to rest and start to get used to her new role: motherhood.

Instead, we think that they perfect time to give a push present to your partner is when you finally make it home from the hospital.